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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Parcel From Malaysia

The parcel has arrived. First of all we would like to thanks Che Sah for helping us with the purchase of Set Bersalin Tropical Herbs. We also thank her for gift of cute baby shirt. It is very lovely Che Sah. :)

We went to Sale to pick the parcel and everything is in a very good condition. Not to forget the requested Assam Jawa also in tip-top condition.

Thanks again.


Raisah @ echah said...

welcome2. lega dah sampai...
kotak set bersalin tu I bukak psal mula2 igt nk selit baju Mikael dlm tu, tp x dapat lak...hehe

Faiz said...

Takpa, janji semuanya dah selamat sampai. Terima kasih.

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