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Monday, August 24, 2009

Exercise Is A Must Though It Is Ramadan

To keep tab on my fitness I jog and walk 4 km everyday etiher in the morning or evening. Not religiously jog but just a casual one. :)

Using Nokia Sports Tracker I can record how long does it take for the exercise, distance and calories burned.

Jadi sama-samalah kita ringan-ringankan badan during this blissful Ramadan. A point lose in weight is a point gain in health.


Anonymous said...

salam, nak ty application nokia sport tracker tu bleh download dari mane ye?

MrMrsFaiz said...


Try link kat bawah ni ye. :)

Ili Saharudin said...

hehhe..tumpang sekaki~thanz

Fa'e said...

bagus2....nak kene ikut gak nih! biar kureng skit lemak2 yg semakin menggunung cam fuji san nih! hehehe...

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