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Thursday, September 24, 2009

ASB & Bank Persatuan

Though I am a very bad saver and more inclined to spend rather than save but luckily I still managed to save some from my paychecks in ASB and Bank Persatuan.

In my yesteryears I love to shop and eating out with friends. Mael, Sham, Aie, RM, Farid and Cikgu Zaidi maybe smiling reading this. But now after having family I find that I am more cautious about spending unnecessarily and rather help my wife doing some cooking and indulge ourselves with our home cooking and spending quality time at home.

Back to the story. Setiap tahun dalam bulan Ogos dan Disember saya tak sabar menunggu dividen Bank Persatuan dan ASB yang akan diumumkan. Selalunya Bank Persatuan beri 10% dividen. Dua tahun lepas they are quite generous and giving shareholders around 12.5%. So if you have RM1,000 in Bank Persatuan share, u are entitled to have a handsome dividends of RM125.

But I am a bit concerned about ASB. Nowadays they are giving around 8.00% only. I really hope PNB can do some goodwill this year and hands out 10% of dividens. And I think many are praying same wishes like me. :)


LOVE said...

It's time for me to update my ASW2020 passbook too! hehe! ;) Tks for reminding!

ain said...

ye lah...dah few yrs kan, asb bayar sikit aje!!

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