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Monday, June 29, 2009

Air Asia & Ryan Air For Us

Nowadays with Air Asia flying from LCCT to Stansted London, the rakyat dream to visit London have been realized. Apart of sightseing, London is the shopping heaven. So its a must for those who love travelling and shopping to visit London at least once in a life time.

This is also the opportunity for us to get some bargain because there are flights from Kuopio-Stansted-KL. Since we will going home next year, I do some research about the cheapest flight for that route and my research produced this result.

Cost of Return Flight From Kuopio to Stansted: 167.82 Euro
Cost of Return Flight Fron Stansted to KL: 896.00 Euro
Total Cost Flying Back To Malaysia: 1063.82 Euro (RM5,000 approx)
But having chance for mums, dads and grandmas hugging the little baby...priceless. :)

This a way cheaper than other airlines. So for our friends and families, we will meet you guys next year, insya-Allah.


Raisah @ echah said...

hehe, berapa aribulan tu? x sbr nk jmpe faizan jr....

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