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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Routine Check At Neuvola And Mikael Heartbeat

One of our things to do for the baby is going to the neuvola (clinic) for maternity check up. At the early pregnancy stage, we have the appointment with the doctor once a month. From the sixth month onwards, the routine check up become more frequent and it's every fortnight right now.

Actually the best thing is at neuvola we could hear little Mikael heartbeat. The moment can't be descibed by words.

Other than that are routine check up like taking the blood pressure, haemoglobin level and record the weight.

Other than that is listening to the opionion and advice by the doctor. My English is not very good so I prefer to listen to the chat by my wife and the doctor. Only sometimes I engaged with the conversation. :)

The next check up will be on Monday morning. Daddy will hear your heartbeat again Mikael.


Raisah @ echah said...

Dr tu macam pakai apron jer...mcm masak2 little kitchen lak.hehe
best nyer dpt dgr heart beat...

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